Mondelliani people are passionate about design and color,
especially when it comes to eyewear,
the only accessory one can’t do without.


Mondelliani Glasses are made in Italy born from the experience and tradition of the Mondello family. The family and their team of eyewear enthusiasts and design lovers are committed to helping people see the world with more clarity and colour. Their eyewear explores culture, taste, sensitivity and irony in Italian-made designer sunglasses and eyeglasses, with a contemporary, fashionable look.

The Mondelliani Shops are situated in the heart of Rome on Via dei Bergamaschi 49, Via dei Prefetti 11 and Via del Pellegrino 98. The stores offer small, almost secret spaces to find the finest international designer eyewear collections. They aim to offer the ideal opportunity to find the right frame to suit your face and personality.




Driven by fine quality, Mondelliani collaborates with Zeiss, the leading producer of optical lenses and optical products.

Thanks to extraordinary optical expertise, Mondelliani lenses pass the strictest tests conducted by Zeiss and offer the utmost quality in terms of optical clarity, scratch resistance and durability.

The excellence of the lenses is certified on the lenses themselves with an engraved Z.

Mondelliani uses lenses made from Polyamide and OM15 (CR-39) to offer an elevated optical quality, purity and 100% UVA/UVB sun protection.

The anti-reflection coating, patented by Zeiss in 1935, reduces the reflection of light in the inner surface of the lens for greater comfort.

The patented Tri-Flection coating has water, dust and oil repellent properties and the lens is easy to clean.

The Super mirror range offers a fashionable look creating the most sophisticated and stylish sunglasses in any situation.