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Mondelliani offers selected brands of designer eyewear and accessories for its customers in the heart of Rome. Discover all the proposals in our stores to stand out with style and elegance ...

Mondelliani is the exclusive dealer of many sophisticated design brands and offers a selection of limited edition eyeglass and sunglasses frames and accessories.
Our stores are the reference point for anyone in Rome looking for unique and refined eyewear.
Our stores are located in via del Pellegrino near Campo de' Fiori and behind the Parliament in via dei Prefetti, but you can also find out about our selection of eyewear and accessories on our online shop.

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The Mondelliani have been passionate about eyewear, design accessories and art since 1961. Mondelliani is not a physical space, not a concept store but an attitude that, through the search for beauty and joy, affirms quality, professionalism and ethics as founding elements of a harmonious life.

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