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Mondelliani's SalOttico wants to recreate the atmosphere of our stores. Not just eyewear and accessory boutiques, but real meeting places where you can exchange tips, opinions and advice.

Anne et Valentin: il brand d'occhiali dall'infinita curiosità

Tutto nasce da una storia d’amore e da un’infinita curiosità. Anne e Valentin, coppia nella vita e sul lavoro, nel 1980 decidono di creare gli occhiali che avrebbero voluto indossare ma non riuscivano a trovare in giro. Da allora continuano a ricercare, a trovare ispirazione ovunque e a proporre montature con una qualità e uno stile inimitabile. La nascita di Anne & Valentin Subito dopo aver ottenuto il diploma da ottico, nel Settembre 1980 Valentin, insieme alla compagna Anne, apre un negozio con una filosofia completamente diversa da quella in voga all’epoca: non gli basta creare un occhiali che andasse bene per tutti.  La loro idea è di avere un occhiale che si adatti perfettamente al volto di chi lo...

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Retrospecs: timeless unique eyewear

There is a lot of talk about iconic models, recovery of the traditional style, but if there is a brand that has made the recovery of vintage its mission, this is surely Retrospecs. Vintage eyewear built from 1890 to 1980, restored to rediscover it beauty and registered to guarantee itsauthenticity.   Real unique pieces: iconic, fascinating and with unsurpassed quality. From 1992 to today Retrospecs has become one of the best known and most popular brands originals in the world of eyewear. But where was Retrospecs born? The history of Retrospecs In 1992 Jay Owens he goes to college and accidentally discovers glasses from the 1940s made of gold thread. He decides to restore them, and falls in love with their...

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Mykita Glasses - Innovation and creativity

Since 2003 Mykita it creates and produces its own in-house innovative and award-winning eyewear. In its Berlin office, called MYKITA HAUS, the glasses are designed, tested, produced and finally shipped all over the world. A process that begins and ends in the same place and that allows you to have maximum creative freedom. But not only this: MYKITA takes great care of the sustainability of processes and of materials, and takes into great consideration the interculturality of people and the multidisciplinary nature of the approaches. After all, where can this happen if not in Berlin, real melting pot of cultures and cities among the liveliest in the West? But let's see how MYKITA was born and how it managed to...

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The best glasses holders - necklaces and accessories

Ours eyeglasses I am precious and are part of our clothing. Whether it's eyeglasses, reading glasses or sunglasses, we have to protect them and take care of them to prevent the lenses get scratched or the rods break. Especially when we are used to carrying them in a bag, pocket or leaving them in the car, it is essential to be careful how we keep them.Not to mention when we don't know where to put them, and we risk supporting them who knows where and forgetting them. Today we talk about the different types of eyeglass holders and how they can also become fashion accessories that give us a distinctive style. Glasses holder necklace O glasses necklace? In the meantime,...

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Garrett Leight - California Optical

In 2008 Larry Leight sold Oliver Peoples, the eyewear brand he founded years earlier, to Luxottica. There seems to be no more space in the world of eyewear for the Leight family. And instead. In the same years the Larry's son, Garrett, does not seem interested in working in optics, and prefers the world of music and entertainment. And instead. This is the story of how a "son of art" managed to bring the public and critics together, to convince big names in the show business to wear his glasses and to found one of the most popular eyewear brands in the world. The history of Garrett Leight California Optical Venice is one of the major cities of the California....

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