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Mondelliani's SalOttico wants to recreate the atmosphere of our stores. Not just eyewear and accessory boutiques, but real meeting places where you can exchange tips, opinions and advice.

Occhiali Theo - ironici e con uno stile unico

La storia della nascita del brand Theo Eyewear Nel 1987 il designer Patrick Hoet incontra Wim Somers ad Anversa, in Belgio. I Somers sono ottici e produttori di occhiali e uniscono la propria bravura costruttiva alle idee folli e geniali del designer. Nasce così Theo, nome dato dall’anagramma del cognome di Patrick. Da subito, fin dal primo occhiale lanciato sul mercato nel 1989, Theo si distingue per le forme strane e irriverenti degli occhiali, che da subito fanno innamorare il pubblico più desideroso di novità e di una moda che non sia mai banale ma anzi si faccia notare immediatamente. Unicità del design unita al comfort Gli occhiali Theo coniugano ancora oggi delle forme sbalorditive con una grande attenzione per...

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Helping the Planet - Green Future Project

One of the moral imperatives of our age is the need for do your part for the well-being of all.  Taking care of the environment and making your contribution to safeguard the planet is essential, and that is why today we want to introduce you Green Future Project.  Green Future Project wants reverse the current trend of deforestation, inviting everyone to do their part and take action. Whether it is companies or individuals, everyone can make their contribution in a simple and effective way. The points of their manifesto are 4: Making the challenge of reforestation easier; Accelerate change through collective action; Making eco-sustainability the new normal; Empowering through solidarity. To achieve these 4 objectives they put in place concrete...

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America in Paris: Homer Lobster

On the occasion of the SILMO (Salon Mondiale de l'Optique) we went to Paris to meet old and new friends, discover the latest news in the optics sector and also to be captivated by the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  Obviously you don't live on art and beauty alone but you still have to eat, and given the wealth of proposals that the city offers, we were spoiled for choice. Sure, you think France and immediately oysters come to mind, new kitchen, simplicity and elegance. Instead, we discovered a completely different world that brought us directly to America, the home of the Lobster Roll! At 21 rue Rambuteau, in the heart of the Marais,...

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Masters of style for over 40 years: Babylon Bus (Prato)

Being able to keep a shop open for a long time is not easy. It takes care, dedication, a great deal of research and the will to continually innovate for always be in step with the times.  We at Mondelliani know it well, as we have been active since 1961, and we often like to meet others who, like us, have made their shops not only commercial activities but above all places of encounter and continuous discovery. It is definitely one of these stores of the heart Babylon Bus in Prato. Opened by Gianni Ruggeri and Sauro Mazzoni, it takes its name from “Babylon by Bus"By Bob Marley, the historic live record that was the background for the opening of...

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Two films from Mondelliani

Mondelliani's SalOttico wants to recreate the atmosphere of our stores. Not just eyewear and accessory boutiques, but real meeting places where you can exchange tips, opinions and advice.  Today we want to take you into our world by suggesting two films that we have seen in recent times and that we have particularly enjoyed. If you've seen them, let us know what you think! Here I laugh! The plot Mario Martone's latest film talks about the life of Eduardo Scarpetta, one of the greatest Italian playwrights and father of nine children including Eduardo, Peppino and Titina De Filippo.  A man who does not know the difference between theater and life, who has completely dedicated his life to theater and to...

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