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All you need to know about eyewear with the style and expertise of Mondelliani, opticians since 1961. Discover our guide to buying the eyewear that best suits your needs.

Come scegliere la forma degli occhiali

Ogni viso è particolare e ha le proprie caratteristiche. Per non parlare del proprio gusto personale, della moda oppure dello stato d’animo.  Come fare allora a scegliere un paio di occhiali, e quale forma della montatura è meglio scegliere per valorizzare la propria forma del volto? Certo, di sicuro è importante che l’occhiale ci piaccia e sia adatto a noi. Possiamo seguire il nostro istinto e il nostro cuore, ma giusto per capire da dove partire abbiamo creato questa guida che ci aiuti a scegliere meglio. È possibile avere delle indicazioni di massima per capire da dove partire, per non sbagliare montatura e per avere uno stile che sia adatto a noi.    Intanto, partiamo dalla questione fondamentale: Che tipo di...

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How to remove scratches from glasses

Anyone who wears glasses, unfortunately, at least once in their life has had to deal with the scratches on the glasses. Even if the technology continues to improve, and the lenses have special anti-scratch treatments, it is inevitable that sooner or later some scratches will appear.     In addition to the aesthetic question, we must also consider that striped eyewear may not do its job worthily, preventing us from seeing well or causing discomfort that can become problematic in the long run. Today we want to suggest some artisanal remedies that could restore shine to your lenses and allow you to see again without problems. ATTENTION: the methods described here are not to be considered definitive. In any case,...

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How not to make your glasses fog up

Glasses are often an indispensable accessory for many people, but what if, especially with the use of a mask, they fog up and do not allow you to see well?  Having fogged-up glasses makes us live in a kind of perennial fog, and no matter how hard we try it happens that we can't see anything. But there are tried and tested methods that will allow you not to worry anymore!We want to introduce you to systems that in some cases may even surprise you, and which you probably hadn't thought of. For example, use shaving cream. Sounds strange, right?   Use a clip To overcome the problem of fogged lenses once the mask has been put on, some have...

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