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Two films from Mondelliani

Mondelliani's SalOttico wants to recreate the atmosphere of our stores. Not just eyewear and accessory boutiques, but real meeting places where you can exchange tips, opinions and advice. 

Today we want to take you into our world by suggesting two films that we have seen in recent times and that we have particularly enjoyed. If you've seen them, let us know what you think!

Here I laugh!

The plot

Mario Martone's latest film talks about the life of Eduardo Scarpetta, one of the greatest Italian playwrights and father of nine children including Eduardo, Peppino and Titina De Filippo. 

A man who does not know the difference between theater and life, who has completely dedicated his life to theater and to the affirmation of the so-called "popular" scene. A film that more than his works speaks of his life, his multiple loves and the trial that was brought against him by Gabriele d'Annunzio for the parody of "The daughter of Iorio". A process that also becomes a passionate defense of freedom of expression and the strength of the theater. 

Because we liked it 

Toni Servillo is extraordinary. Istrione, we see that he enjoys playing a man of the theater that he feels very close as an actor and artist. Compared to other films in which Servillo is a fixed mask, an almost emotionless man like in Sorrentino's films, here he can give vent to his entire repertoire by becoming a leader, animator of the company and a lover of the good life. 

And then the soundtrack is extraordinary, with a selection of Neapolitan classics that are part of our history and that underline the scenes of the film very well. Not to mention the costumes that revive the early twentieth century. 

In short, Scarpetta's life is an exciting story, just like and sometimes even more than his comedies.     

The quote

"There are no more or less art theaters, there are artists" 

Here I laugh

Director: Mario Martone

Italy, 2021

Qui rido io

Rosa's wedding

The plot

Can you marry yourself? In the end, we get married with the person we care about the most!

Marriage of Rosa is a Spanish film, a comedy that tells the story of a seamstress who leads an exhausting life divided between work, her father too present, the brother who often leaves her children to take care of, the sister who drinks too much and a boyfriend she can barely see every now and then. A real nightmare, in short.

When she is 45, she decides it's time to change and invites her relatives to her wedding, without telling them that the person she intends to get married with is… Herself!

Too bad that not everything goes as hoped and that everyone tries to help her, but in the most wrong way possible.

Because we liked it

The film starts with a continuous addition of problems in the life of a woman on which everyone vent their incapacities. Each scene, a new problem to be solved. 

Despite the drama of the starting situation, the whole film is instead full of an almost acidic, cutting comedy, which makes us laugh but also makes us reflect on how much we can recognize ourselves in the different characters, with theirs and our little everyday pettiness. 

We also really liked how the director talks about the relationships between the characters, which are many and increase as the film progresses. Very well characterized characters, and very sincere in their being bad people. 

A film that we recommend because it makes you laugh, but it also makes you think about how we often take for granted what others do for us and do not realize how the life of those around us is not exactly what they dreamed of. And how many times, even when we try to help others, we don't always move in the right way.

The quote   

The advantage of getting married to you is that you can break up whenever you want

Rosa's wedding

Direction:  Iciar Bollain

Spain, 2020

Il matrimonio di Rosa