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Garrett Leight - California Optical

In 2008 Larry Leight sold Oliver Peoples, the eyewear brand he founded years earlier, to Luxottica. There seems to be no more space in the world of eyewear for the Leight family. And instead.

In the same years the Larry's son, Garrett, does not seem interested in working in optics, and prefers the world of music and entertainment. And instead.

This is the story of how a "son of art" managed to bring the public and critics together, to convince big names in the show business to wear his glasses and to found one of the most popular eyewear brands in the world.

garrett leight manifacturing

The history of Garrett Leight California Optical

Venice is one of the major cities of the California. Close to Los Angeles, on the ocean, it has an excellent climate and a cultural ferment that goes perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere typical of cities on the ocean. 

In 2010 Garrett Leight opens his first concept store here and launches its first line of eyewear. Alone 4 models, which are immediately desired and purchased by the population. To further establish its link with the city, the 4 models are named after the main streets of Venice. 

The incredible success of Garrett Leight

The glasses Garrett Leight are worn by celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jennifer Lopez and by personalities such as Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

Brad Pitt and Leonardo di Caprio wearing Garrett Leight

The reason why Garrett decides to resume the family tradition of eyewear manufacturing is explained by himself in an interview with "Business Insider": “I missed the familiar yet energetic atmosphere that reigned in Oliver Peoples, and I wanted to recreate it. I feel as if it was the world of optics that chose me, and not the other way around”.

Garrett Leight designer glasses, eccentric and at the same time suitable for any occasion, continue to be appreciated around the world. And we do not hide the pride of saying that, in Italy, we at Mondelliani were the first to have them. After all, their style fits perfectly with our philosophy of the search for beauty.

But what's the secret behind Garrett Leight's success?

Garrett Leight glasses: California in the eye

Whoever wears the Garrett Leight glasses carries a piece of California on them. The sun, the waves, but also the great desire to do things and the enthusiasm that is found in every place.  


The first collection, which is still among the best-selling of the brand today, arises precisely from the atmosphere you breathe in Venice and a part of its population, full of intellectuals cool with great creativity and many different interests. A part of the population who, however, was not adequately represented, and who was waiting for glasses to arrive in which to reflect their style.

Garrett Leight's style also derives from a great passion for iconic glasses of the past that are reworked, it is appropriate to say it, through the lenses of the present. A mix of classic and modern which gives a timeless design and destined to endure.

I modelli Garrett Leight 

Today Garrett Leight's proposal is very broad, and even if the style is always well recognizable, there are glasses that recall classic atmospheres and others that look more to the future. Here's what they are our favorite models in their incredible collection.

Kinney sunglasses

Timeless and among the most recognizable, are the perfect example of the mix between iconic and modern of the Californian brand. Suitable for everyone and perfect to wear on any occasion with theirs proportionate and light style. After all, if they are among Brad Pitt's favorite glasses, they must be Hollywood glasses!

garrett leight kinney

The shape is classic and the keyhole shaped bridge gives it a timeless charm.

Brooks sunglasses

Bold but classic, the Garrett Leight Brooks immediately make you feel on the beaches of Venice or on its streets for a drink, also loved by pop stars such as former Oasis member Noel Gallagher.

Noel Gallagher wearing Garrett Leight brooks

Lightweight and with a timeless shape, they are a real bestseller and never lose charm. In acetate and also here with the shape of the bridge in the shape of a keyhole. 

Ideal for waiting for the evening to come and the nightlife to go wild, or for walking on the red carpet like the stars.

Clement sunglasses

Here too we are faced with a real icon: Clement sunglasses in fact, they are inspired by the glasses of perhaps the most celebrated and eccentric artist of the twentieth century, that is Andy Warhol.

Garrett Leight Clement

Simple and minimal, they give an artist look committed to chasing his own ideas and always finding new inspirations.

In short, the Garrett Leight is always the best choice for those looking for an accessory to stand out, classic and always current.