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The best glasses holders - necklaces and accessories

Ours eyeglasses I am precious and are part of our clothing. Whether it's eyeglasses, reading glasses or sunglasses, we have to protect them and take care of them to prevent the lenses get scratched or the rods break.

Especially when we are used to carrying them in a bag, pocket or leaving them in the car, it is essential to be careful how we keep them.Not to mention when we don't know where to put them, and we risk supporting them who knows where and forgetting them.

Today we talk about the different types of eyeglass holders and how they can also become fashion accessories that give us a distinctive style.

Glasses holder necklace O glasses necklace?

In the meantime, let's start with one of the accessories which has gone through several stages. Often associated with an advanced age, the glasses holder necklace is living a new life e different brands they are rediscovering this accessory not only for hers utility, but also as a matter of style.

la loop necklace

The glasses holder necklace it especially helps those who have to use different lenses to see us up close and from afar, or who do not have a continuous need to have glasses on.

It allows you to have your hands free and never forget them!

There are different models, from simple lanyard to other more elaborate and precious models that can be considered real jewels.

For those who want to add a touch of color to their look, there is an elaborate version of the classic cord that attaches to the temples of the glasses, such as the rainbow glasses holder necklace, light and resistant, which illuminates even the most sober look and is suitable for all ages. 

Designer necklaces for glasses

A fashion house that has found original and fashionable solutions is the American LA LOOP. Specialized in high-level eyeglass necklaces, is born from an intuition of the founder who, in 1999, kept losing their glasses around New York. Looking for one original solution, created his own company which has since grown and continues to produce elegant and useful eyewear jewels.

la loop

One of our favorite models is definitely the rubber model which, with its patented swivel hinge system, allows you to have the safety not to lose your glasses.

Apart from this, the very elegant model in gold inspired by the "Youthquake" style of Edie Sedgwick, a true style icon of the 60s. Gold links, and a ring that allows us to have glasses always at hand.

Who said that the glasses holder necklace must only be an accessory and cannot be fashionable?

Eyeglass cases

Old but Gold! In situations where it is more It is difficult to be attentive to our precious objects, we think for example of the sea or when we are out shopping, it is always advisable to have a glasses case for proper protection from bumps and scratches.

There are different kinds, and almost always when we buy a pair we are given a case.

Too bad though that many times we forget to take it with us, and then we leave the glasses without any protection around and exposed to every danger.

Rigid glasses cases

Hard cases are for sure the best way to protect your glasses. They protect from shocks, falls, and also serve to contain the microfiber to clean them.

Especially when we are used to keep them in your bag, perhaps because they are our favorite sunglasses and we always have them with us when needed, it is advisable to have a hard case to protect them.

Not to mention that it is also easier to find in a large bag!

Soft glasses cases

If, on the other hand, we don't need a case that takes up too much space, maybe because we have one small bag or because it is a pair of "battle" glasses, we can opt for a soft case. It does not protect against bumps and is not the best container for storing glasses, but definitely protects against dust and from atmospheric agents that could ruin the lenses.

Glasses case for home

Finally, who among us has never experienced that moment when we ask ourselves: “But where will I have put them?”, And will have spent hours and hours looking for glasses around the house?

Having a place where glasses are usually kept allows us to find them easily and not having to struggle for a long time. Not to mention that some home glasses cases are real furnishing items.