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Masters of style for over 40 years: Babylon Bus (Prato)

Being able to keep a shop open for a long time is not easy. It takes care, dedication, a great deal of research and the will to continually innovate for always be in step with the times

We at Mondelliani know it well, as we have been active since 1961, and we often like to meet others who, like us, have made their shops not only commercial activities but above all places of encounter and continuous discovery. It is definitely one of these stores of the heart Babylon Bus in Prato.

Opened by Gianni Ruggeri and Sauro Mazzoni, it takes its name from “Babylon by Bus"By Bob Marley, the historic live record that was the background for the opening of the store in 1978. 

From the very beginning Babylon Bus established itself as a reference store for contemporary style choices and with an eye to fashion. In the shop you can find accessories and clothes for men, women and children, but also amazing items for the home. In short, if like us you love research, style and fashion and you happen to pass by Prato, you cannot miss it!

Today the shop is managed by Gianni Ruggeri together with his wife Betta and daughter, and still maintains the original philosophy of when it was opened: what you find inside must first of all please them. It may seem almost absurd, but we assure you that it is a choice that works. To Gianni and to those who work inside Babylon Bus you can rely on it with confidence and security, and rest assured that once inside you can't help but find something you like.  

But why do we, who are in Rome, know a shop in Prato so well? The story of our meeting is also quite particular ...

A few years ago we went for a trip to Prato in search of the famous Mattei biscuits (which maybe one day we will talk to you because we assure you that you have to try them!), and almost by chance we found ourselves in front of Babylon Bus. It already attracted us from the window, and we could not help but enter and be amazed by the wonder we found in front of us.

By now we have become friends with Gianni and his family, and we often find ourselves talking not only about fashion or style, but also about families, children, in short, we can almost say that we have grown up together. 

Final twist: not only did we meet almost by chance, but even Federico's daughter and Gianni's nephew found themselves together in class years later! When it is said that sometimes the 6 degrees of separation are really less ...

In short, come and visit them and please give us our name. Among other things, they also have our glasses Above all and roller coaster; when you have good taste it is normal to choose the best glasses.

PS: in case you don't have to go through Prato, you can take a ride on their online store and you will not be disappointed.