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Mykita Glasses - Innovation and creativity

Since 2003 Mykita it creates and produces its own in-house innovative and award-winning eyewear.

In its Berlin office, called MYKITA HAUS, the glasses are designed, tested, produced and finally shipped all over the world. A process that begins and ends in the same place and that allows you to have maximum creative freedom.

nis Mykita

But not only this: MYKITA takes great care of the sustainability of processes and of materials, and takes into great consideration the interculturality of people and the multidisciplinary nature of the approaches. After all, where can this happen if not in Berlin, real melting pot of cultures and cities among the liveliest in the West?

But let's see how MYKITA was born and how it managed to become one of the most iconic, well-known and appreciated brands.

The story of MYKITA

In 2003, in a former nursery, the MYKITA brand is born. The name of the brand derives from that first location and from the union of My and Kita, short for Kindergarten. The name wants to be a tribute not only to the headquarters, but also the desire to learn and the curiosity that has always distinguished the company.

MYKITA immediately stands out for its originality. The founders Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans and Moritz Kreuger, not only want to produce eyewear but they want to do it with a unique and unmistakable style, in addition to using the most advanced technologies.

mykita details

However, the vision of Moritz and his collaborators is like this innovative ed extreme not to find any manufacturer willing to create those eyewear models. No problem: from that day MYKITA always has created and produced the glasses within its own premises, without relying on external companies.

Since then, MYKITA has always been a step forward in eyewear, also focusing on collaborations and coming awarded several times for design and style.


After the first years at the former nursery, MYKITA changes headquarters and moves to Brunnenstraße, where it will remain for 8 years, and then moves to the former Pelikan-Haus, which is still the main office today. 

Mykita Eyewear

The company headquarters is not just a workplace, but it is a real creative and production laboratory. Each MYKITA eyewear is born within these walls, from the continuous confrontation between the different departments and from the inspiration that comes from working together.

MYKITA innovation: the Mylon

MYKITA glasses combine the craftsmanship of the approach and the most cutting-edge technological innovation.

The freedom to experiment and the need to find one's own way have led to discovering new materials and new ways of constructing eyewear. For example, the use of the innovative material Mylon, award-winning worldwide for its particularity. A lightweight material which allows workings never seen before. 

From the particular surface opaque, resists over time and is printed in series using 3d printers to get the best versatility in forms

MYKITA MYLON image film from MYKITA on Vimeo.


MYKITA models 

In almost twenty years of activity and research, the MYKITA catalog has become very vast, while maintaining its specific recognizability.

Some models are among our favorites and we want to offer them to you.


Mykita Maison Margiela sunglasses

Margiela House

Born from the collaboration with the Maison Margiela, it is an eyewear produced in an artisanal way and manual milling makes it unique. In addition, the matte and raw finish, in unpolished acetate, makes it a model suitable for those who are not afraid to dare. And the butterfly frame will certainly not go unnoticed!


But MYKITA is not just a brand suitable for those who prefer to experiment and go further. While maintaining the same care in the making, some models like the Russell are iconic and they maintain a classic style suitable for everyone

Similar to the Russell, but with a round shape, also the Gable maintains a clean and timeless style.


Talvi Mykita

For those who prefer instead of lighter shapes and a minimalist style we recommend the Talvi. Clean shapes, a metal frame and sun lenses that protect from all light conditions. Suitable for both classic clothing and a more informal evening.

Studio 11.1

But MYKITA is not just glasses. In its ongoing research, the Berlin studio has also created pieces of jewelry store like this Studio 11.1 which contains in a single object, handmade in stainless steel, 3 different ways to wear it.

mykita 1.1

A versatile and precious jewel.


Finally, a model from the collection MYKITA First, dedicated to boys and girls. A steel frame, with rubber coatings, light and that allows you to experience every situation without any fear. Without forgetting style, which is important from an early age!

Where to find MYKITA glasses

The MYKITA brand is present all over the world and sells its glasses through a network of retailers who care about design and it style. Obviously between the we at Mondelliani were the first dealers in Italy, that we have always been looking for innovation and beauty! 

You can find MYKITA glasses on the our online store or by visiting us in the our stores in Rome, where you can try them and fall in love with them!