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Theo glasses - ironic and with a unique style

The story of the birth of the Theo Eyewear brand

In 1987 designer Patrick Hoet met Wim Somers in Antwerp, Belgium. The Somers are opticians and eyewear manufacturers and combine their construction skills with the designer's crazy and brilliant ideas. Thus was born Follow, name given by the anagram of Patrick's surname.

Right from the start, since the first eyewear launched on the market in 1989, Theo stands out for the strange and irreverent shapes of the glasses, which immediately make the most eager public fall in love with novelty and a fashion that is never banal but rather gets noticed immediately.

theo eyewear

Uniqueness of design combined with comfort

The Theo glasses still today combine stunning shapes with great attention to the needs of those who have to wear corrective glasses. In fact, even if the design is imaginative, they always remain comfortable to bring, light and with a study of the necessary distance between the eyes, the bridge and the rods. 

Testimonials and fans of Theo

Over the years Theo has made even very famous people fall in love with his style. It could be missing among the fans of the brand Elton John, or the star who more than anyone else has made eyewear an essential accessory in your wardrobe? Of course not, indeed, Elton has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Belgian brand from the very beginning.

Also Bill Gates fell in love with Theo glasses during a photo session in New York, and decided to buy ten pairs just in case. We can say that Theo really made people fall in love with a certain level!

Theo collections to be discovered

One of Theo's particularities is the absolute obsessive attention to detail, in addition to the desire to always bring some innovation in creation and design. 

An innovation that we can see in the collection "Groove”, For example in the model Pho, in which each eyewear is produced from a single sheet of metal. A technique that offers great solidity and at the same time an incredible lightness.

Theo's ironic style is also found in the collection "Happy Potatoes"Of which the Stoemp glasses. Do you think that each eyewear is inspired by a different vegetable! It is really true that inspiration can be found everywhere, even in broccoli. 

And always starting from the culinary suggestions, the "Asian Bowlsinspired by oriental cuisine. A collection that marries the beauty of design with the flavors of a distant cuisine.

Theo eyewear


The series "Kitespots”, Born by observing children who fly two kites at the same time in circles in the sky. Titanium glasses, very light and comfortable to wear.

A pair of glasses for those who want to dare

In short, Theo is the perfect eyewear for anyone who wants to appear irreverent and ironic, without giving up the comfort. A brand that Mondelliani has chosen and which also perfectly matches our conception of eyewear: not only a tool to see better but also a fashion accessory which gives a strong and distinctive character to every face.

First in Italy with Theo 

theo eyewear pho

Theo is one of the brands that you can always find in our stores or even online, and we can proudly say that we were the first in Italy to have them. We are sure that the bond between us and the Belgian brand will continue for a long time to come.

Theo today

Today Theo, from a small family-run business, has become one of the best known and most admired brands for eyewear internationally. 

The company is managed by Mik and Toon Somers, sons of founder Wim. Patrick Hoet has sold his company shares for many years, but has always continued to work and design eyewear also collaborating with big international names and above all with his team of artists and designers in Antwerp, where Theo is still based today.

Theo loves you! 

Even today, every eyewear and every collection are born inspired by the brand's iconic motto: "Theo loves you!". A motto that encompasses the great passion put into the search for new shapes and new materials, but always aimed at satisfying and making the fans of the brand happy.