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Retrospecs: timeless unique eyewear

Retrospecs eyewear

There is a lot of talk about iconic models, recovery of the traditional style, but if there is a brand that has made the recovery of vintage its mission, this is surely Retrospecs.

Vintage eyewear built from 1890 to 1980, restored to rediscover it beauty and registered to guarantee itsauthenticity.  

Real unique pieces: iconic, fascinating and with unsurpassed quality.

From 1992 to today Retrospecs has become one of the best known and most popular brands originals in the world of eyewear.

But where was Retrospecs born?

The history of Retrospecs

In 1992 Jay Owens he goes to college and accidentally discovers glasses from the 1940s made of gold thread. He decides to restore them, and falls in love with their beauty.

The story could have ended there, were it not that his friends start asking him where he got those glasses, and if he could find a pair for them too.

Seen the success, why not turn it into a great opportunity?

Rent an RV, start touring the United States and discover an incredible amount of precious glasses built at the beginning of the century. He discovers that many companies in the past had built eyewear with a gold thread, a practically indestructible material.

Retospecs sunglasses

It collects a series, restores them and starts selling them.

In no time, the whole collection is completely sold out.

Thus began the story of Retrospecs, which starting from the back of a camper has become one of the most sought after brands in the world of eyewear.

With the entry into the company of Marya Francis, creative director and wife of Jay Owens,

Retrospecs it discovers new ways and imposes itself as the largest brand in the research and recovery of eyewear ranging from 1890 to 1980

How Retrospecs glasses are born

Thanks to continuous research work over the years, Retrospecs discovered forgotten collections and gave new life to glasses that were in danger of disappearing.

The Retrospecs craftsmen they specialize in recovery of the glasses, emit the utmost care and attention in every process. 

Artisan knowledge is combined with continuous technical research.

Over the years, over 15 patented machines have been built specifically to arrange and make each piece new. A technological research that goes hand in hand with the pursuit of style and excellence.

Once they arrive at the factory, the glasses are carefully checked to verify that they have no defects, disassembled and registered. Through a rigorous path, the glasses come back to life and are ready to go all over the world. 

Also in Italy, where is it you can only find them in 3 specialized shops. One of which, of course, is Mondellians

Each eyewear is registered

There is not only great care in research and restoration, but each eyewear is registered and accompanied by an identification number that makes it unique.

Retrospecs acetate

The number, also known as a map, allows you to trace the origin of the glasses and greatly simplifies operations in case repairs or replacement of parts are required.  

A care for the object but above all for those who buy it and, we are sure, fall in love with it.

Our models

On our site we have selected two models in acetate, original from the 1950s and perfectly restored by Retrospecs.

The models Frame France 29 and Frame France 34  they combine the retro style and the build quality typical of those years. All certified and retrieved by Retrospecs.

Furthermore, in our stores you will find and try a great selection of Retrospecs models, one of the flagships of our assortment. Come and visit us!