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How to choose the shape of the glasses

Each face is particular and has its own characteristics. Not to mention your personal taste, fashion or mood. 

So how do you go about choosing a pair of glasses, and which frame shape is best to choose to enhance your face shape?

forma degli occhiali

Of course, it is certainly important that we like the glasses and are suitable for us. We can follow our instincts and our hearts, but just to understand where to start we have created this guide to help us choose better.

It is possible to have some general indications to understand where to start, to avoid making mistakes and to have a style that is suitable for us.   

Meanwhile, let's start with the fundamental question:

What kind of face do we have?

forma del viso

The shapes of the face, glasses and combinations

Although each face has its own particular shape, we can define some common shapes from which to start when choosing the glasses:

  • Heart-shaped
  • Ovale
  • Round
  • Squared
forme del viso femminile

To understand what shape your face has, you need to measure the different parts (chin, forehead and jaw) and understand the proportions. 

As for the shapes of the frames, there are really many shapes and sizes, many of these have now become iconic. The teardrop shape recalls the American uniform, the round shape easily recalls John Lennon, while the oversized sunglasses recall Katharine Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

In short, many iconic shapes have become features of look and recall characters, singers and films.

But in order not to get lost in the many existing forms, at the moment we simplify by find the shape that best suits our face, so let's consider 3 types of frames:

  • Roundabout
  • Squared
  • Cat-eye (o a gatto)

Oval face

In the oval face we have a greater roundness in the shapes of the forehead and jaw, and a greater length.

In particular, the lower part of the face is longer than the upper one.

The glasses for the oval face

The oval face, thanks to its characteristics, has the possibility to look good with any frame. So you are spoiled for choice: rectangular, round, cat-eye, you can choose the shape that best suits your style.

Round face

In the round face, the forehead and jaw are the same width, and the length of the face and the width between the cheekbones are also similar.

The shapes, as the name implies, are rounded and not very angular.

Glasses for the round face

To give a leaner and longer shape to the face, and therefore enhance it, it is advisable to choose glasses with a rectangular or in any case broken shape.  

Face in the shape of a heart

In the heart-shaped face, the forehead is wider than the jaw, and the chin is rather pointed.

The cheekbones are higher than the oval face.

Heart-shaped glasses for the face

In this case it is possible to experiment with each pair of glasses, although we suggest choosing small-frame glasses to enhance the particular shape of the face. 


Square face

In a square face, the forehead and jaw are similar in size. The lines are angular and not very marked, while the chin is not very sharp.

occhiali rotondi

Glasses for the square face

To soften the shapes and give greater harmony to the face, we suggest round or in any case rounded frames. 

What if you want a different pair of glasses?

While knowing your face shape can help you figure out which glasses to start with, it is not certain that it is not possible to combine a round face, for example, with glasses that follow the shapes of the face.

Not only knowing the shape of the face is important in our choice.

Let's not forget that it is not only the shape that makes the style, but also the color of the frame and, why not, the type of lenses (for example the photochromic ones that darken by themselves when they are hit by the light) that leave an unmistakable mark on our face and on our outfit.

The combinations are endless, and we can experiment to see which one is best for us.   

The important thing is to experiment and feel at ease, following your own style!

To choose the glasses that best suit your face, you can take a look at the glasses you find on our online store, or come and visit us in one of our stores, we will be delighted to recommend the frame that fits best on you.

We love advising our customers and finding the right eyewear for them, and we like that anyone who comes to choose their eyewear with us joins the large "Mondelliani" family.

We are waiting for you!