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Choose glasses for children

occhiali neri per bambini

Today it is possible to understand very early if our children have a hard time with their eyes. Already before kindergarten it is possible to check that they do not suffer from astigmatism, myopia or other problems, and intervene immediately with some corrective lenses to reduce the difficulties.

Eyewear manufacturers have also adapted and developed models made specifically for boys and girls, to see better and be able to lead a normal life.

But how do you check if children have visual difficulties and which glasses are best for them?

The checks to be done to verify the sight of children

Vision prevention is very important, and doctors today can do it early diagnosis even on children preschool.

bambini con problemi alla vista

Some signs you need to pay attention to to understand if your child needs a visit are:

  • He has frequent headaches
  • He closes one eye when watching television or reading a book
  • He often rubs his eyes
  • It is sensitive to light.

For older children, an exam should be taken if:

  • Skip sentences while reading;
  • He does not see well the writing on the blackboard;
  • It is hard to read a book.

Once the exams and verified any vision problems, it is necessary to proceed with the choice of more suitable glasses.

The most suitable glasses for children

There are several on sale glasses specially designed for the little ones, so that they can lead a normal life and without having to be careful with every activity.

You have to carefully choose the materials for both the lenses and the frame.
Let's see together how to choose the most suitable.

The frame

For i younger children, in preschool age, some are usually recommended rubber goggles o in durable plastic.

In particular the rubber goggles, also supplied with a elastic to keep them in place, allow the child to play safely and to carry out activities with peers without fear of breaking glasses or losing them.

occhiali di plastica per bambini

For i older boys and girls, who have started going to school, you can choose some acetate glasses, light and resistant, which even if worn for long periods do not tire the eyes and allow you to run and play without fear.

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The lenses

Always to safeguard the safety of children, the lenses they must be unbreakable not to fear shocks.

In addition to this, it is also worthwhile to equip them with anti-reflective treatments, from UV protection for when you are outdoors and a blue light filter because more and more they come into contact with electronic devices such as phones, tablets and interactive whiteboards.

The measures of the glasses for children 

When choosing glasses for children, it is essential to focus on comfort and lightness.

Compared to adults, boys and girls have a face with some specific characteristics and eyewear must respect this specificity of theirs.

For example, the root of the nose usually lies lower than in adults, and it is necessary that the glasses follow the facial conformation of children.

occhiali da lettura per bambini

Also with regard to the size of the glasses, you need to make sure that it covers the eye well and that the lens is also useful when the child looks down to read.

In general, let's remember that more than design we need to be careful about comfort, so long as for the child it is much more important to see well and not have difficulties rather than "make a good impression". In general this principle should also apply to adults but we know that it is often difficult to resist vanity.

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Useful information

In addition to the technical indications, in the case of children you have to pay great attention also to other details, and it is necessary to make this experience live in an adequate way.

bambini con occhiali a scuola

The glasses will likely accompany the child throughout his life, and it is therefore essential that he lives the choice of his first glasses in the best possible way.

The involvement of the child in the choice of glasses

Glasses should not be seen as an imposition, but as one shared choice to make sure that he feels them as his own and not as an imposition of the parents.

occhiali rosa per bambine

Even the eyewear model, as far as possible, it should be chosen by the child so that he is even happier to carry them every day with pride.

It happens sometimes, and we also see it in our Mondelliani stores, that parents choose for the child according to their personal tastes. This must absolutely be avoided.

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The freedom of children with glasses

Glasses should never be a limitation for children. They must be free to do exactly the same things that others do, to be able to run and play without limitations.

Thanks to modern construction techniques and the involvement of specialists in the design, the resistence and they were created lightweight models, resistant and colored that do not cause any discomfort to the child in everyday life.

Joy and imagination

harry potter occhiali bambino

Methods that make them play with the glasses can also be used to get children to accept glasses fantasy. To say that thanks to the glasses they will have the supervisa like superheroes, or who will become wizards like Harry Potter, will help bring them with pride the landed it's at see better.

If you need advice or a visit, you can turn to Mondelliani shops. Together we will find the best glasses for your little boy or girl!