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Acrylic on canvas Pallone Cerca Gloria
Acrylic on canvas Pallone Cerca Gloria


Acrylic on canvas Pallone Cerca Gloria

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Author: Marco Adamo
Title: Ball Search Gloria
Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Cm: 95x95
Year: 2020

If in the game of football the goal is to send the ball into the goal, in the art of Marco Adamo the goal is to send the ball on the canvas. 

Each ascent is an attempt to break down hatred, corruption and violence, it is a game played to color a different world, a better world. 

To do this, Marco Adamo chooses the ball, not a brush, he uses it with his feet, not with his hands. Kick and meet canvases, not nets. And he leaves his footprints on the canvases. They are the sign of a gesture detached from the surface, a technique well known with Jackson Pollock's Action painting: the color poured from the brush dripped onto the huge canvases forming "gestures" and "randomness", giving life to a style in which the artist places himself in subordination and becomes a "simple" link between intent and result. 

This creates a fabric of stencils that draw abstract colors or "impressionist" shapes that can be glimpsed at a glance.  

The balloons of color overlap and replace the brushstroke with a symbolic "I was there" reminiscent of rock paintings with stencils and handprints of primitive men.