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Glasses Holder Necklace
Glasses Holder Necklace

La Loop

Glasses Holder Necklace

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A La Loop necklace lives within a unique category of accessories that blends the sleek, clean lines of a necklace with a simple silver circle made to hold the glasses. Acetate is a plant-based composition that is much lighter, shinier and more durable than traditional plastic, and is a much-loved material for premium optical frames. The circle of the La Loop necklace has a shiny silver plating, with a protective e-coat to help resist tarnishing and discoloration.


- 3 micron heavy plating to ensure durability and shine
- 25 "in total length; the rim has a diameter of 30mm
- Hand-finished acetate chain; large meshes are 20mm wide and 33mm long, smaller ones are 11mm wide and 25mm long.