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Occhiali Ryo Yamashita
Occhiali Ryo Yamashita

Ryo Yamashita

Occhiali Ryo Yamashita

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Ryo YAMASHITA is the author of this glasses. Born in Tokyo in 1958, he was recognized as the last craftsman capable of practicing the ancient Japanese technique Edo Kinwaku” which dates back to about 350 years ago, when the capital of the Rising Sun was still called EDO, a technique that today unfortunately almost no one is able to practice. In addition to being handmade with the ancient Edo Kinwaku method, Ryo YAMASHITA's glasses are also real works of art, he studies a unique model on each person's face, which he will create with simple or precious materials, from bamboo to gold, from silver to iron, all with the aim of achieving that harmony that always characterizes each of his works.

Material: Iron and Bamboo