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Helping the Planet - Green Future Project

One of the moral imperatives of our age is the need for do your part for the well-being of all. 

Taking care of the environment and making your contribution to safeguard the planet is essential, and that is why today we want to introduce you Green Future Project

Green Future Project wants reverse the current trend of deforestation, inviting everyone to do their part and take action. Whether it is companies or individuals, everyone can make their contribution in a simple and effective way.

The points of their manifesto are 4:

  • Making the challenge of reforestation easier;
  • Accelerate change through collective action;
  • Making eco-sustainability the new normal;
  • Empowering through solidarity.

To achieve these 4 objectives they put in place concrete and traceable reforestation initiatives in different areas of the Earth, from Madagascar to the Amazon rainforest. Operations that do not start from a simple work of raising awareness, but want to have a real impact on ecosystems and on the people who inhabit them.

Green Future Project provides people and companies with initiatives to replant trees or preserve corners of forests with visible and concrete results. 

In addition to preserving forests, the work of the Green Future Project is also focused on the transition to clean energy sources e green, completely eliminating fossil fuels that have long since begun to become unsustainable. 

The collaboration with Mondelliani

As Mondelliani we have decided to participate in their initiatives, committing ourselves to plant a tree for each eyewear sold and donate all proceeds from the sale of our 2022 microfibre sets to the cause of reforestation.

Together with the Green Future Project we have decided to commit ourselves to preserving the very important green areas in Madagascar and Ecuador.


Before deforestation, Madagascar was home to the highest number of mangroves in the world. Mangroves are essential for the ecosystem, they defend against storms and tsunamis and also, growing in water, do not steal land from agriculture.

Their ability to absorb CO2 makes them real oxygen regulators, they purify the environment and help the whole planet to "breathe" better.

The damage caused by their loss is incalculable, and it would lead to a total disruption of the environments in which they grow.

Canandé - Ecuador

The reserve of Canandé in Ecuador is among the first in the world for biodiversity. Protecting it from deforestation is vital to prevent the extinction of a third of the region's species. Saving the trees would also save the animal species present within it.

Without considering that one hectare of Amazon rainforest can store over 100 tons of CO2 in a year, and for every tree we lose, we too are affected in terms of air purity and sustainability of our lifestyle.

Why help Green Future Project

An ancient proverb said that we do not inherit the Earth from our fathers, but it is loaned to us by our children. We have a moral duty to preserve what we have been given, and we must do so effectively.

We at Mondelliani have chosen to act concretely, and we fully embrace the words of our CEO and Creative Director Federico Mondello: "Fighting all together for a more sustainable world and for the future of our children is something that we can no longer waive or delegate to anyone. Each of us must act consciously and proactively for the good of Our Planet.

You can see our environmental support operations in the our page dedicated to environmental sustainability, and support Green Future Project by going on their site and discovering how it is possible, all together, to build a better future.