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Dragon Diffusion - Bags born from ancient manufacturing arts

All over the world, in traditional civilizations, bags are produced by weaving vegetable fibers. An ancient art that, from the Pacific Islands to Europe, unites different cultures by creating beautiful containers created to transport and store everything.

woden basket

Fascinated by this art, in 1985 the designer Craig Wright created Dragon Diffusion, a brand specializing in the creation of strictly hand-woven leather bags. A brand with a unique and recognizable style, which has made attention to detail and craftsmanship its undeniable strength.

The birth of Dragon Diffusion bags

Beauty and originality, always a pride of Dragon Diffusion. 

By observing the weaving techniques of plant fibers in countries as diverse as New Zealand, Japan, France and Italy, Craig Wright thought of bringing the same techniques to the world of leather goods, replacing bamboo and other plants with strips of leather. Thus was born in 1985 Dragon Diffusion. 

Each bag is produced by Indian artisans from the city of Chennai. The choice of this place is easy to say: since 1960 there has been a tradition in the breeding of livestock and in the treatment of skins that makes these craftsmen the best in the world.

hand woven bag dragon diffusion

Beauty, uniqueness and sustainability

Bags are completely sustainable, because for their creation are used strips of leather that could not be used for other uses, due to their irregularity or color. This way it is possible use all parts of the leather, limiting waste to a minimum and making each bag unique.

Dragon diffusion bag

What makes Dragon Diffusion bags unique

One of the fundamental ingredients of the beauty of these bags is time. Through use, the leather almost absorbs the characteristics of the user, becoming definitively irreplaceable and inimitable.

The idea of making each bag unique comes from Craig Wright himself: he wanted the bags to acquire personality with the passage of time, and the leathers used are ideal for having soft, light bags and at the same time important and impactful.

Another peculiarity: one is sewn inside each bag medal of St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers. A real brand of quality and originality. 

But what kind of bags does Dragon Diffusion produce?

The Borse Dragon Diffusion

Dragon Diffusion produces bags suitable for any use and for any occasion, through its 5 lines production:

  • Shoulder Bags
  • Tote Bags
  • Top-handle Bags
  • Bucket Bags
  • Cross-body Bags

Shoulder Bags

Bags suitable for all occasions, enough capacious to contain everything we need during the day. Resistant and at the same time elegant, they are perfect to be used every day and to give a extra touch to our look, without forgetting the comfort.

As the Bamboo Box, with a natural color that will naturally take on your personality through use.

borsa bamboo box dragon diffusion

Dragon Diffusion Nantucket 

One of the great classics and great successes of the brand is the bag Nantucket nera in soft buffalo leather. Thanks to its versatility and capacity it is excellent for both a party on the beach than for a day when you know you won't be back home before evening!

Tote bags

The tote bags are the perfect bags to go shopping while maintaining an undeniable touch of fashion. Resistant and very comfortable, they do not fear the heaviest loads.

Top-handle bags

They are the most bags elegant but who do not give up on comfort. They match perfectly with any look, and can accompany you on any occasion.

Our favorite is the Grace Basket small, with elegant braided handles and a diagonal texture to keep the shape. The bag from small size, perfect for a summer evening.

Bucket Bags

Inspired by traditional baskets found in many cultures around the world, they give one away particular style and I will also take a vacation in your days in the city.

Cross-body Bags

Clutches, shoulder bags and light bags for everyday use and to always carry with you to have everything at hand.

Dragon Diffusion bags are available at our stores and on our online shop. Come and try them and you will find the right bag for you!