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Mondelliani's SalOttico wants to recreate the atmosphere of our stores. Not just eyewear and accessory boutiques, but real meeting places where you can exchange tips, opinions and advice.

Dragon Diffusion - Bags born from ancient manufacturing arts

All over the world, in traditional civilizations, bags are produced by weaving vegetable fibers. An ancient art that, from the Pacific Islands to Europe, unites different cultures by creating beautiful containers created to transport and store everything. Fascinated by this art, in 1985 the designer Craig Wright created Dragon Diffusion, a brand specializing in the creation of strictly hand-woven leather bags. A brand with a unique and recognizable style, which has made attention to detail and craftsmanship its undeniable strength. The birth of Dragon Diffusion bags Beauty and originality, always a pride of Dragon Diffusion.  By observing the weaving techniques of plant fibers in countries as diverse as New Zealand, Japan, France and Italy, Craig Wright thought of bringing the...

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