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How not to make your glasses fog up

Glasses are often an indispensable accessory for many people, but what if, especially with the use of a mask, they fog up and do not allow you to see well? 

Having fogged-up glasses makes us live in a kind of perennial fog, and no matter how hard we try it happens that we can't see anything.

But there are tried and tested methods that will allow you not to worry anymore!
We want to introduce you to systems that in some cases may even surprise you, and which you probably hadn't thought of. For example, use shaving cream. Sounds strange, right?



Use a clip

To overcome the problem of fogged lenses once the mask has been put on, some have been created special clips that fit right where the mask rests on the nose and block water vapor. In fact, it happens that, with the mask, the breath is vented only upwards and therefore clouds the glasses. Using these clips, they can be in plasticpolyurethane or foam rubber, the breath is diverted to the sides and does not reach the glasses.

The only contraindication: at the beginning you can feel a bit stifled and it may take a while to find the right position.

There are various types and thicknesses, actually quite unsightly, so we recommend these perfectly flexible and sober aluminum ones, which can be purchased. its amazon

Anti-fog spray

The method we recommend most frequently is to use special sprays which have been designed to avoid fogging. By spraying them over the lenses and drying them well with a microfiber cloth, they allow you to clean and protect them, creating a light vapor-resistant layer. 

They are available both in a “home” version, in a larger format, and in a pocket version that you can always carry around for use whenever necessary. 

They generally allow a protection of about 2-3 hours for every application.
These spries are available in our stores.

Ready-to-use wipes

Exist both wet and dry, and they are probably the best choice when you are out and about and need an immediate solution that gives us the comfort of glasses that are always transparent and work even with the mask. 

Very comfortable to keep in the bag, they are sold in single use packs which also eliminate the problem of always having to remember to bring a special microfibre cloth with you. The ideal solution for those who need practicality and immediacy. 

Hold the goggles over the mask

A useful precaution, when you do not have specific products, is to keep the glasses resting not on the nose but directly on the mask, especially when using an FFP2.

However, it is not recommended for everyone, as the distance of the lenses to the eyes could create focusing problems.
And, let's face it, even the "old" effect could ruin our charm. 
However, it remains a valid advice in case of emergency. 

Then there are gods more artisanal methods to avoid having your glasses fogged up. Methods we are sure will amaze you.

Marseille soap

Among the methods do it yourself, surely what we recommend most is to wash the lenses with Marseille soap. In fact, washing them with a neutral soap, and gently drying them always with a microfiber cloth, a protective layer will be created given by surfactants, substances that prevent any particles from sticking to the glasses. In this way the water vapor will not be able to bind to your lenses and you will be able to see better!

Dish soap

Another effective method is to use a dish soap to wash your lenses before going out, always taking care to dry them well. As with the Marseille soap, also in this case the surfactants will decrease the so-called "surface tension" and will repel the attack of fogging.

After all, if it works so well on crystal glasses, making them shiny and ready to use, why shouldn't it do the same on your lenses too?   

Here is the guide to avoid making mistakes during this delicate operation and avoid scratching the glasses: How to clean your glasses

Shaving foam

A really unorthodox method but come on amazing results. By applying a very small amount of shaving foam, and taking care to eliminate any residue well, the lenses will regain a great shine and will be protected from water vapor and temperature changes that cause the glasses to become fogged up.

A tip: use a neutral shaving foam, without any perfumes, otherwise the mentholated aroma could greatly annoy you when you go to wear your beautiful glasses.


More tips to improve your vision on all occasions of the day.

Although we have already mentioned it several times, we recommend that you always have a special microfiber cloth with you to clean your glasses. Prevents them from being scratched, allows one perfect cleaning even when we simply have to clean the lenses without using anti-fog products, and allows us to always keep the glasses perfectly free from any speck of dust.


We do not recommend using other tools not specifically designed for cleaning

T-shirt flaps or kitchen towels can ruin the lenses or scratch them irreparably. Plus, it's never pleasant to see someone take off their glasses and rub them against their shirt to clean them. Even for this simple operation, it is always better to keep an impeccable style!

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