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How to remove scratches from glasses

Anyone who wears glasses, unfortunately, at least once in their life has had to deal with the scratches on the glasses. Even if the technology continues to improve, and the lenses have special anti-scratch treatments, it is inevitable that sooner or later some scratches will appear.




In addition to the aesthetic question, we must also consider that striped eyewear may not do its job worthily, preventing us from seeing well or causing discomfort that can become problematic in the long run.

Today we want to suggest some artisanal remedies that could restore shine to your lenses and allow you to see again without problems.

ATTENTION: the methods described here are not to be considered definitive. In any case, it is essential to act with caution to avoid worsening the situation.

In addition, some systems may damage any anti-reflective or other coatings with which the lenses have been treated.

Some tips to avoid scratching your glasses

The reasons why a pair of glasses can get scratched are many, and for example taking little care in storing them can damage them immediately.

Let's see what are some good practices to avoid the root problem, following the old adage that says that "Prevention is better than cure”.

Use a carrying case

Glasses are so much a part of us and accompany us at all times, that we don't realize how delicate they can be.

Putting the glasses in your pocket, or in the dashboard of the car or worse still in your bag without protecting them properly can lead to lines over the lenses. It is therefore essential to always use one protective case, even better if rigid, which offers the right protection to our precious glasses.

Clean them with a microfiber cloth



For speed or for distraction it happens that the glasses are cleaned with ineffective or even harmful methods.

You shouldn't use a t-shirt or sweatshirt, or worse still a sweater to try to give them shine. 

The fibers of cotton and wool are among the worst enemies of transparency and integrity, always better to use a microfiber cloth specially designed to remove dust and stains from lenses.

Also never use absorbent paper or toilet paper: the cellulose contained within them is very abrasive and can cause imperfections.

Always place them on the correct side

When not in use, the glasses must not be placed on the side of the lenses because it takes very little to find a scratch. Better to close them and place them on the side of the temples or horizontally, avoiding that the lenses come into contact with the surfaces.

Anti-scratch treatments - Essilor



You can ask your optician for a anti-scratch treatment for glasses, which greatly reduces the chance of your glasses getting scratched. At Mondelliani we always recommend treating the lenses in this way and we use the system Crizal Sapphire Of Essilor, to avoid costly repairs later. What's more, you can also have lens insurance so you don't have to worry about it in the future!

What to do to act immediately in case of light scratches?

While we have followed all of these guidelines scrupulously, our glasses have suffered from superficial scratches that can be remedied. Let's see some suggestions.

How to remove scratches from glasses

Use toothpaste

One of the most suggested and most controversial home methods is the use of toothpaste. On the other hand, if it works so well on tooth enamel, why shouldn't it work on glasses?

You need to put a small amount of toothpaste on one finger and, with circular movements, rub for a few minutes on both sides. In this way the imperfections should disappear.

IMPORTANT: do not use whitening or microgranule toothpastes, as they contain abrasive substances that could worsen the situation.

Once you have rubbed your glasses, wash them with cold water and dry them with a microfiber cloth.

The baking soda paste



Real salvation for housework and more, bicarbonate is among the most versatile materials for cleaning surfaces

Also to clean the lenses it can be useful to create a paste by dissolving a little bicarbonate with a few drops of water and rubbing the lenses always with circular movements for a few minutes.

Once the paste has been spread well, rinse the glasses with cold water.

Pay close attention to the do not touch the frame but only the lenses, as some materials may be damaged or bleached when rubbed with baking soda.

wax or vaseline

Usually wax and petroleum jelly are associated with cleaning metal parts of car bodies, but they can also be very useful for cleaning lenses. You have to spread them with circular movements and then remove them with a soft cloth.

Go to a specialized center   

However, the best advice is to contact your trusted optician or a specialized center.

In this way, it will be possible to assess the extent of the damage, to establish whether it is preferable to try to remove the scratches or if it is necessary to change the lenses.

At Mondelliani you will find all these services and much more, we are waiting for you!