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Misurazione della vista

Eye Exams

The creation of your next corrective eyewear starts with measuring your eyesight. In all of our shops our Optometrists are available to carry out eye exams using state-of-the-art measuring instrumentsand detailed vision screening, to find the prescription that best suits your unique vision defects.We complete the vision measurement by identifying theInterpupillary Distance, necessary to achieve the correct positioning of the graduated lenses. It serves to "centre" the focal point of the lens exactly in the centre of the pupiland ensure greater visual comfort.

During our comprehensive examination we also monitor the ocular pressure, the external state of the eye with the use of the slit lamp to assess the fit of the contact lenses and by means of the Cover Test we assess the eye convergence to be able to determine any deviations of the visual axes that could affect the non-fitting of the glasses.

We carry out eye exams using state-of-the-art instruments, which guarantee one less risk in the development of your corrective eyewear, as well as minimising hand-to-eye contact by automating the changing of lenses with different graduations.

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