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Le lenti


We want to be a reliable point of reference and a professional guarantee for our customers. That's why we work with only the best in the world of vision to ensure highly personalised vision solutions, designed and manufactured specifically to meet individual vision and lifestyle needs.

We choose innovative and technologically advanced lenses to correct vision, protect the eyes and improve clarity of vision. All prescription lenses are finished and fitted in our in-store laboratories to suit the shape and size of the frames you choose.

They are made to fit your individual vision.

We are recognised as an Essilor® Vision Specialist Centre for our experience, passion and commitment to visual wellbeing. We choose Varilux® progressive lenses for visual comfort at different distances and vision areas, Eyezen® single vision lenses to reduce eye fatigue especially when spending long hours in front of screens, and Transitions® photochromic lenses to offer protection in all light conditions.

For sunscreens, we choose only the excellence of Zeiss lenses with internal anti-reflection, which protect against glare and 100% against UV rays.

For us, eyewear should represent the lifestyle and identity of the wearer in a new and original way, which is why we also customise the lenses with sample colouring to make the chosen pair of glasses even more unique and personal.