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How to choose sunglasses


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Summer is the favorite season to wear sunglasses. The strong light on the beach or in the city can cause great discomfort and lead to headaches and tired eyes. It becomes important to protect ourselves with dark lenses that they can shield the rays and make our eyesight more comfortable.

But which glasses to choose? And then, should we rely only on the elegance and shape of the frame or should we pay special attention to the lenses? And on what occasions will we wear glasses?

We are here to dispel all doubts and give some advice on how to choose the best pair of sunglasses. And, if that's not enough, we are waiting for you in our stores or online to give you all the suggestions you want!

How to choose glasses

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I'm 3 aspects to keep in mind when choosing sunglasses, namely:

  • The lenses
  • The frame
  • The use.

Based on these three parameters we can determine which sunglasses are best to choose.

But let's start with a question: how many types of sunglasses exist?

Types of sunglasses

Ottovolante Davide Cenci lenti Zeiss

How to choose sun lenses

Lenses are the key part in choosing sunglasses. There are now many type of them, and each of these can on one hand serve for protect your eyes, on the other hand, to adapt to your style

In the meantime, it is essential that the lenses are of good quality and certified. The first feature to consider is the UV400 protection.

What is UV400 protection

The ultraviolet light that comes from sunrays on the one hand it can have beneficial effects, such as stimulating tanning, but in large quantities it can cause discomfort damage to both skin and eyes. Without adequate protection, the adverse effects can be both mild, such as redness, eye fatigue and headache, and more severe such as burns and cornea and pupil problems.

To adequately protect your eyes it is necessary that the sun lenses are of good quality, such as for example Zeiss lenses chosen by Mondelliani, and have UV400 protection which blocks most of the UV rays and allows the eye to see without excessively stressing it.

Polarized lenses

lenti polarizzate

We also often hear about polarized lenses. Polarized lenses have a "screen" that blocks concentrated light reflected from snow, sea and asphalt, for example. Through a special treatment of the lenses, polarized light is reflected and the eyes have greater protection.

Can the lenses be polarized or have UV400 protection?

Of course! One thing does not exclude the other, on the contrary. Our advice is to look for lenses that have both solutions to be sure that the eye is adequately protected.

Sun lens color

lenti da sole colorate Mondelliani

Meanwhile, let's dispel a myth: darker lenses do not necessarily protect the eye more. In fact, in the case of particularly dark lenses, the pupil dilates to let in more light and therefore absorbs more UV rays. 

Today there are colored lenses of all kinds, from amber yellow to the darkest black. If equipped with an adequate UV filter, we can choose the lenses according to our personal taste and the comfort we feel wearing them. We can even hazard glasses with pink lenses, to have an even more paradisiacal view of the most beautiful season!

Mirrored glasses: how they work

Through a particular mirroring technique it is possible to have "mirror" lenses. The lens is treated so that you have one fully reflective surface on the front, and almost completely preventing UV rays from reaching our eyes.

It is therefore not only a question of aesthetics, but also of safety.

Also for this reason, mirrored glasses are often used by sportsmen. If we think of skiers or cyclists, they often use these glasses for greater comfort.

lenti a specchio per sportivi

Not to mention the undeniable style that mirror lenses give!

How to choose the frame of your sunglasses 

To choose the frame we almost always rely on personal taste, and we choose the glasses most similar to us. Certainly a correct attitude, and at Mondelliani we know well how important it is for eyewear to be a accessory matching our look, but there are other aspects to consider as well.

The shape of the face

We have already seen how the shape of the face is fundamental to decide the frame. Even if it is allowed to be daring, having some indications allows you to choose in a reasoned way which glasses to wear.

Light or heavy frame?

Again the answer is: depends. The important frames are certainly impactful but in the long run they can be annoying. Especially if we plan to use glasses on the beach and love to bask in the sun for hours, have glasses with a very large frame it can lead to taking them off frequently and not using them.

And how to choose between one frame in steel and one in acetate or plastic? In this case the answer is very simple: you have to rely on personal taste. 

Square, round or square glasses?

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The shape of the glasses not only affects the our look, but also the vision. Use wraparound glasses, which fit well firm on the nose and do not slip especially when we sweat from the heat, it becomes important to have the most comfort and the major protection.

There is nothing more annoying than glasses that slide, or that do not allow you to look sideways without having an excessive gap between the direct and lateral vision. If for example the rectangular glasses they perfectly protect our eyes, it is not said that they are suitable for our face shape or that they are comfortable all day long.

Before choosing a pair of glasses it is important to try it on and see if it fits ours style but also ours need.

What color to choose for the frame?

Finally, the color. It certainly does not affect the protection given by the lenses, but it is fundamental to our look.

Sunglasses with black frame

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A great classic. Blues Brothers look, goes with everything and does not create problems in combinations. We even say that we should all have a pair of black-rimmed glasses on hand.

Sunglasses with cool colors (blue frame O green)

Cold colors denote security, peace of mind and great elegance. Recommended for those who care about style and maintain a certain composure even during hot summer evenings or days on the beach.

Sunglasses with warm colors (fuchsia yellow frame O red)

Warm colors denote eccentricity, desire to appear and experience everything to the last. Recommended to those who are not afraid to expose themselves and to show themselves to the world with all their personality.

But even more important is to think about what use you make of the sunglasses. Will you only use them to show "your charisma and symptomatic mystery", Or do you often drive with sunglasses? Let's see how to choose them.

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When are sunglasses used?

With the use of more and more perfected lenses, we now wear sunglasses even throughout the day It's not a problem. The eyes remain protected and we can safely use them always without straining your eyes. Even who needs graduated glasses today you can choose from an infinity of models equipped with correction.

Let's see some uses and some suggestions.

Graduated sunglasses

For a long time who needed corrective glasses had to adapt and could not choose suitable sunglasses. Today it is possible to have prescription sun lenses, which unite the protection from the sun's rays to the possibility of seeing ourselves better in all conditions.

Sunglasses on the beach

They are certainly everyone's favorite occasion: the sun, the sea, relaxation and a nice pair of sunglasses to protect us.

occhiali da sole in spiaggia

The reflection of the sun and the sand amplify the effects of the rays, our advice is to choose a pair of glasses comfortable, to keep all day, and maybe have a second spare pair, always of good quality, to be used in an environment full of pitfalls such as sand, salt, sea water. 

Sunglasses in the car

One environment in which sunglasses become almost indispensable for many is the street. Asphalt reflects during the day, and at sunset or early in the morning there direct sunlight it can cause glare and discomfort, also jeopardizing the safety.

It becomes essential to have gods comfortable glasses, with good protection, and that they manage to dampen the spokes to allow for one safe and comfortable driving.

Sports sunglasses

As we have seen before, many sports disciplines require prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially when it comes to disciplines such as cycling or, in the winter months, skiing. In this case we recommend specific, polarized sunglasses with high protection.

Red carpet sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just for practical use. They become a indispensable accessory for an aperitif with friends, a trip, a gala evening. In this case, our advice is: indulge yourself in the choice. Frame color, lenses, extravagant shapes, everything is fine in order not to go unnoticed and become the soul of the party!